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Why sell with a independent K-Bid.com Affiliate?


The convenience of online auctions make them a perfect fit for sellers who have a lot of items and /or a short time frame in witch to sell them. It is a very effective & easy way for you to convert your unwanted assets into cash. Let DRA-Auctions turn your or your loved one's assets into much need cash or space.

Why Sell at auction?

Auctions have been the preferred method of selling assets for generations. Technology and the internet have made the world smaller and auctions even more effective.

What can i sell at auction?

The short answer is nearly everything. Every day, bidders come to K-BID.com for vehicles, trailers, commercial & farm equipment, household goods, tools, construction material, and much more.

More bidders = more bids & higher prices

K-BID.com is the premier online venue in the Upper Midwest.

280,000 plus bidders

5,000 plus auctions per year

2 million visits per year

21,000 visits per day

Over 2 million assets sold


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Call me at 218-289-4134 if you have unwanted items that are in the way and you want to get some cash for them. 

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Company Profile

DRA-Auctions & Consignments is now taking consignments for business assets and individual estates. From a single item to complete liquidations, we take the hassle out of selling with out convenient and profitable selling process.